The Princess of Id (danaseilhan) wrote in laadan,

Wanted: Moderator for this community

I have been inactive on LiveJournal for a very long time now. Over the years I have divested myself of all the communities I was moderating. This one community is left because our Ms. Elgin is here and the language in question is her baby and I didn't want to make it go away if she was still using it.

I tried adding her as moderator in the account settings but I don't think she wanted it; either that, or she's been busy, or she didn't know what to do in response.

So if anyone else is interested, say the word. I'll try and check in soon to see if anyone has responded. I think there's only one of you I wouldn't hand it off to but I'm open otherwise. (Not drama-stirring, just being honest, and we need make no more out of it than that.)

If no one responds, I will delete anyway. There's no point in this being here if there will be zero participation. At that point deletion is the only way to get it off my account.

Thanks for understanding.
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